Adventure Land Documentation

CODE Documentation for Adventure Land MMORPG Adventure Land . Currently maintained by NexusNull. This documentation is currently unofficial and unfinished if you find mistakes kindly point them out so I can fix them. The source code is property of Kaan Soral.

Create documentation from source

jsdoc ./ -c conf.json


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  • Properties
    • .real_x (10x of the game's X)
    • .real_y (10x of the game's Y)
    • .hp / .max_hp
    • .mp / .max_mp
    • .xp / .max_xp
    • .party / .name / .rip / .afk / .code / .target / .id / .moving + more


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  • Properties
    • .real_x (10x of the game's X)
    • .real_y (10x of the game's Y)
    • .hp / .max_hp
    • .mp / .max_mp
    • .xp / .max_xp
    • .party / .name / .rip / .afk / .code / .target / .id / .moving + more

Monster (Incomplete)

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  • Properties
    • .real_x (10x of the game's X)
    • .real_y (10x of the game's Y)
    • .hp / .max_hp
    • .mp / .max_mp
    • .xp / .max_xp
    • .party / .name / .rip / .afk / .code / .target / .id / .moving + more

Game Info

A very useful information is stored inside of parent.G to display it


Here is a list of some children of G and an explanation to them.

  • G.version
    • Stores the current Game version
  • G.character.items
    • Stores all items in the game and there attributes
  • G.levels
    • Stores the xp needed to get from one level to the next
  • G.classes
    • Stores information about each player class
  • G.maps
    • Contains every game map
  • G.monsters
    • List of every monster and there attributes, like health experience
  • G.skills
    • List of all player skills
  • G.npcs
    • Contains a information about all traders

Provided Functions

A more thoroughgoing list can be found here.

move( xCoordinates , yCoordinates )

This will make the character start walking to into the direction of the passed coordinates


Returns the nearest monster, you might want to target that return value with change_target

target: Picks monsters that only target that name

no_target: Picks monster that aren't targeting anyone


Uses a very basic logic to either use hp or mp pot


Returns your current target


Returns the target entity for both players and monsters

Suggestion for Fun: Code your characters to target and attack what you are targeting, even if you don't engage a monster, you can make your characters (or side-characters) engage by just clicking :)


Targets the player or monster


Tries to loot the chests on the map. If there are multiple it will only try to open 2.


Attacks the target.


Heals the target, the target has to be a the character or a player.


Adds a message to game's right log


Renders the argument as json, to inspect, learn and use.

set_message("Code Active")

Sets the IFrame message, the one in the right bottom corner.


There are more functions, examples in runner_functions.js and on the game's main CODE

Future Plans for Adventure land

As the game progresses, the CODE feature will refine, you will be able to create/save your own code in-game, and hopefully much much more

With the introduction of PVP, Trade, Events and similar stuff, the CODE capabilities should get pretty interesting

I'm also planning to add Networking between characters, so one might create a small team of bot helpers, or create a PVP team that consist entirely of bots

Usage / Notes

Using CODE in Adventure land requires that the browser tab is focused, otherwise browser commonly slow down the javascript execution. A good solution to this problem is to open a separate Window where to run the game in. Follow the rules of the Game to avoid unnecessary punishment. Also try not to overload the server with too many actions, running the code in an 1/4 second Interval is good practice. Keep in mind that CODE is currently an early prototype and may change at any time. If you have questions create an issue on github or ask on Discord. Most importantly have fun programming.