Class: Character


new Character()

The character is the entity that you are controlling. You can move him around with move(x,y) and order him to attack a monster or a player with attack(target)
Name Type Description
hp number health points
max_hp number maximum health points
mp number mana points
max_hp number maximum mana points
xp number current experience points
max_xp number total experience points needed for next level
name string entity name (for monsters it is null)
angle number angle the character is looking at.
real_x number x position on map
real_y number y position on map
from_x number | undefined the last movement starting x position of the character
from_y number | undefined the last movement starting y position of the character
going_x number | undefined the last target x position of the character
going_y number | undefined the last target y position of the character
level number character level
owner string character owner //TODO need clarification
mp_cost number mana cost for basic attack
range number range for basic attack
resistance number the character damage resistance
attack number roughly estimated amount of damage
afk boolean is the character afk
items Array -
gold number the amount of gold the character carrying
moving boolean is character moving
afk boolean player is afk
rip boolean is the character dead
code number | undefined the code id the character is running (0 or undefined means he isn't running code)
target string EntityId
type string the type of the Entity
ctype string class of the character
frequency number frequency in which the character attacks. A frequency of 1 means every second where as 0.5 means every 2 seconds.
speed number walking speed
armor number character armor
id string character Name
in string current map name
cid number -
stats CharacterStats dex,int,vit,str
goldm number Gold modifier
luckm number Luck modifier
xpm number Experience modifier
map string current map name
cash number number of shells
targets number How many Entities are targeting this character
ipass string Authentication token from game server (keep this secret)
friends Array.<string> List of Player Ids which whom the player is friends with
direction number Direction in which the character is looking (0:down,1:left,2:right;3:up)
items Array.<(Consumables|Gear|undefined)> Either a Consumable e.g. a potion or a type of Gear. If the slot is empty the
slots CharacterSlots Contains all the items that the character is wearing
skin string Character skin
guild string Character guild (Currently unimplemented)
isize number Inventory size
esize number Empty Inventory slots
me boolean Is this character me
c ChannelingConditions Channelling conditions
s StatusConditions Status conditions